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W.G. Kingston (1810 - 1880) was a Victorian writer and editor.

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W.G. Kingston was the editor of the Boys Own Paper. He was born in Oporto Portugal, but came over to study at a boarding school in England. He was shocked by the prevailing working conditions of sailors and campaigned for their improvement.

He became involved with the Mission for Seamen, a Church of England society, and came to live in Willesden at Stormont, 3 Brondesbury Park Villas. He wrote several well-known stories for boys including Peter the Whaler (1851), The Three Midshipmen and The Three Lieutenants. There were to be 120 stories in all. He had many famous writers on the Boys Own Paper and believed in setting a high moral tone. He admired heroism and his books enshrine moral ideals. Kingston was knighted by the Queen of Portugal and eventually died in Willesden.

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