Hokey Cokey dance, Jerry Hoey, willesden, london

Jerry Hoey was the alleged creator of the Hokey Cokey dance.

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Gerald William (Jerry with a J) Hoey (1895-1979) was a well-known bandleader. He was a cellist on the S.S. Olympic, conducted a band in the Grill Room of the Piccadilly Hotel for 14 years, toured during the war with a production Piccadilly Playtime, and became deputy manager of the Hotel Grosvenor, Swanage.

From about 1824 he was living at 103, Delamare Mansions, Maida Vale, but moved in about 1931 to live locally at (the newly built) 3, Parkview Road.

He and Charlie Kunz married two sisters, and in 1939 together opened the New Country Club at Middleton-on-Sea. Charlie Kunz's youngest son Gerald (Gerry with a G) was named after him, and his eldest son Joseph (born in the USA from a previous marriage) was taught the saxophone by him.

Writing to the Daily Mirror, apparently in 1971, Jerry Hoey states that in 1940 he introduced the Hoey-Oka, basing it on a Canadian nursery rhyme, and claims that much later Cambell Connolly and Co. Ltd added a verse and published it as the Cokey Coke.

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