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The Brent Borough Coat of Arms, adorning many of our bills was prepared by the College of Heralds over 30 years ago.

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Old Willesden Borough

Willesden Local Board

Today's design of the Brent emblems incorporates features of the old badges of Wembley and Willesden.

Wembley Features

According to a recent 'Guide to Brent' the Wembley components include the lion supporter on the left which carries a standard bearing the symbol of the Hundred Moot of Gore, and, below, the chevron on the schield, the Saxon Crown encircling crossed scimitars, a symbol of association with Middlesex.

The main new 'Brent' items are the wavy chevrons across the shield, and the water between grass above the motto which allude to the River Brent, and, of course, the motto itself.

Willesden Features

Willesden's contributions are the dragon holding a standard on which are the lilies of St.Mary, the patron saint of the old Borough. In the top quarters on the shield are the orb attributed to King Athelstan, and the crossed swords indicating the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's Cathedral.

The closed visor of the left-facing helm above the shield indicates that the grant of arms is conferred on a corporate body, and above that the crest is formed by a Saxon Crown on which stands the Lion of England, bearing on its shoulder a cinquefoil associated with All Souls College, Oxford (who used to be a substantial land owner in the area).

Old Willesden Borough

It is interesting to compare the Brent design with that of the old Willesden Borough's emblem. The motto means 'Work is Prayer'.

Willesden Local Board

Another local emblem, albeit a very rare one, is that of the old Willesden Local Board (1875-1895). Its terracotta representation can be spotted on the Roundwood Lodge (built in 1894), on its northern chimney stack. Its main features are the sun in the top left corner, and a large plough in the lower foreground. The background appears to be a hill with a lump on top.

Cliff Wadsworth

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